Girls, maybe came off as clingy/insecure if chances of her?

Was seeing a girl for 2 months and she ended it. I think Its because I came off as a little clingy. I NEVER double texted, or texted back right away etc. But I didn't really flirt via text after we had sex, nor did i ever jokingly give her a hard time (playfully). I did try to chat on phone a couple nights a week etc. never really backed off and let her chase me. I also stupidly gave her a gift on our 4th date. It was a mattress pad cause she kept complaining about her bed hurting her back and I was about to sleep over for the first time at her place and said i didn't want sore back either. I realize this was probably a bad move?

She's deff talking with another guy and thinks im seeing someone as i did follow up month after break up to try to meet up for lunch to talk. During this she views my insta stories and saw i was in her town with a girl, but was a friend. when i tried to meet up She was busy. I then texted saying i wish we hangout more (she made subtle hints about this issue) and that i should have kept my cool. She said it was nothing i did but she wasn't ready (which i think means not interested anymore).

Anyways she still watches my stories, and I may cross paths with her in a few months i assume i just play it cool and maybe see if she's dating if not ask to go to lunch. What are odds she would ever reach back out to me thinking maybe these gestures were sweet, although i was a bit over the top.

Look I've mostly moved on, i still think about it. But i just feel we clicked so well but i just got too excited.
Girls, maybe came off as clingy/insecure if chances of her?
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