Would you consider this to be cheating?

Near the end of august I was On omegle. And I met a boy from new York. I was a mess at the time, and he took the time to listen to me vent, and try to help me with my problems. We continued talking, and it's been a long time now. We text, skype, Facebook, and call each other frequently. We are both in relationships. I've always knew that he had feelings for me, and I'm starting to realize that I feel the same way. Basically, all I'm wondering is if that we consider ourselves "really really good long distance... Friends, who care about each other a lot", and no one is cheating, does this make it okay for us to still talk? Considering he has a girlfriend, and I have a boyfriend. Though we both have obvious feelings for each other.

  • Yes, it's cheating. You should stop talking to him.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think its fine? Unless you are saying other things that might suggest to start something with him..

    • Such as? I'm nor usually flirty or anything with him. He does flirt with me, and compliments me all the time. But most guys are like that to me anyways.

    • I'm pretty sure that's fine. I mean sometimes I think I flirt with my guy friends without realising but it doesn't really mean much. Just as long as you stay true to your boyfriend. Don't do anything like phn sex or whatever long distance people do. It should be perfectly alright. Try not to talk about your feelings for him either.

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What Guys Said 1

  • There is no true definition of cheating. One may feel that looking at another person is cheating where the other may say anything short of sleeping with them isn't. A good gauge is this, would you be upset if you found out that your boyfriend was doing what you are doing or about to do? If so, then perhaps that's cheating.

    • Im with "kermit" on this one. If you would get jelous, upset, and consider it cheating if your man was talking to some other chick all the time then maybe you should chill out a bit.

What Girls Said 2

  • Keep in mind that there is a thing called "emotional cheating"

  • you have to put yourself in your boyfriend's shoes. what would you do if you found out he had this connection with another girl? if you'd find yourself hurt by that, then it would probably be considered cheating. Then, there is also the context of your talks with this other guy. does it ever get intimate or to a personal level? And there's also to consider if you really like this other guy more than you like your boyfriend. if you do than I'd consider coming clean or breaking up with him- especially if you plan on meeting up and being near (distance/location wise) to this other guy. But if you're never going to see him again I'd consider trying to move on from the New York man and keep what you have.


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