Why has my ex unblocked me on Facebook?

My ex broke up with me nearly 2 months ago and she ended up blocking me on most social media. Admitly I didn't take it well as she was my first real relationship and we were together for nearly 3 years. She appeared to be talking with other guys straight away, and got into a rebound relationship almost instantly. Which led me to believe she was already seeing him during the relationship. And she actually cheated on me with a DIFFERENT mutual friend.. but tbh I don't know what to believe that comes out of her mouth.

What made it worse was that he was a mutual friend of ours, and he broke the bro code with no care for me. I don't know if they're still together, I don't really care anymore tbh... but I recently noticed her profile was visible on fb to me. When before it was blocked and I couldn't even see her profile pic. So why has she unblocked me? I took to the decision to reblock her on my end, so at least now I have the control and she knows that she can't play me anymore. She has other means of contacting me anyway.

I know it could be for a number of reasons, lately I've really started to focus on improving my life. Going to the gym and the word's probably got out that I've got a proper better paying job, yeah I used to work with the guy in the rebound ffs.. which made this all even worse! haha

Could it be that:

- she's just being curious (I think you can't reblock someone until 48 hours)
- she doesn't care but just doesn't want me blocked
- she's thinking about me and wants to reopen communication
- she wants to see my new job and if I'm dating someone else now

What is your opinion?
Why has my ex unblocked me on Facebook?
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