Why is he calling me if he's happy with his ex? GUYS: What does it mean when you do this?

So, my ex broke up with me but deeply loved me. He found someone else 1 week later. Doesn't find her attractive at all. Complains about her opinion.

He calls me up and cries to me the night he's got with her. Asks why I'm not with him and said he loved me so much. He said we can't be friends and can't call each other. I agree.

10 days later, he calls me up. Says he doesn't know why and asks if I have a boyfriend. I said I like someone and he's curious if he's good looking. He says out of no where his new relationship is amazing and ours sucked, all we had was sex. And even though he's 'suffering' sexually at least he has conversation with her. I told him to grow up and we had fun and he moodily agreed. Said were not friends and he's CERTAINLY happy now. I said I know he loves me and he didn't reply. I then hung up.

Why is he calling me if he's happy with his ex?

Why does he care if I'm dating?

Ugh! What's he up to?


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  • He obviously is blaming you for something (not saying you did anything wrong). Relationships can be hard and almost impossible is there just based on sex. Communication is the #1 ingredient to a successful relationship. From reading what he's said to you it doesn't sound like it was something you should even consider forgiving. He most likely isn't happy if He's concerned about your relationship status, all he's really looking to do is make your life miserable. I would just ignore him. Don't let the past get to you.

    • Thank you :) I did to something wrong. When I fall DEEPLY in love, I push them away, build Walls, protect myself. He loved me deeply and truly. He tried hard to break down my walks. This is my biggest regret. I've learned that loves worth it, it's worth letting them in :/

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  • He is trying to make you jealous, or he is trying to f*** both of you.

    He does not care if you are dating he does not want you to find someone so that you will still like him.

    Sounds like a tool to me.

  • um I don't know what that means but it sounds like that guys a douch bag you should probably stop talking to him really my friend mikes the same way only difference is his girlfriend jess keeps taking him back I dony understand it but it makes me mad that nice guys like me get f***ed over and d***holes like that do whatever and get away with everything

    • Haha. Well, he isn't. I deserved it. I push people who I really love away, build Walls. He tried so hard. I pushed harder. It's my biggest regret.

    • still a total d*** move

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