Why do guys do this?

Every time a guy asks for my number or asks me on a date they just play me. We will go out and have a good time and next thing I know is they never call me back. why?

about me:

i am "cute" ppl, say

i have a nice and funny personality

i can make a guy smile

i can also chill with his friends


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What Guys Said 1

  • try asking the next guy who stops calling you.. email him or something.

    • trust me I've tried it they talk to me for a while and then they just ignore me again and try to get away from me as if I had kooties .. and then I just let it go..

What Girls Said 1

  • maybe you have to wait for awhile? the guy maybe doesn't wanna see despo by contacting you too soon. I usually dun think so much after a first date, if he likes me he will call. if he dun call you back after some time, drop him a message and ask in a flirty way y he doesn't contact u. if he's still interested, he'll respond. maybe he's just a shy guy? if not, he's just not that into you so move on and date other guys.

    • but this has not happen with just one guy if has happen with every guy that asks me out its not fun I just want to give up for now..

    • maybe u're just not the right one :( a date doesn't mean the guy really likes u. he is just testing it out cos he had some attraction for u. maybe after the date he realizes you are not the right one for him :( unfortunately, that's the sad trurth...

    • thanx and don't be afraid to be honest..

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