Why did he ask me to please not contact him anymore?

I had an incredibly beautiful story with this guy, to this day, I’m convinced he was the one, we had an incredibly strong connection we both recognized (he was the first to say so).

The only problem is that we lived very far away and in this moment of our lives, moving would have meant throwing our respective careers/career possibility and degrees alway. It would have meant one of the two would have had to throw 6 years of university in the trash bin so we decided to end our story.

For me it was extremely painful. The worst thing, is that he refused to remain friends. I would have liked to have him as a friend in my life because he’s an extremely important person for me, but he first ignored me, than he blocked me on all social media, eventually he replied my last message asking to “please not contact him anymore”. I don’t understand why we can’t even remain friends, we had a story that lasted 2 years, we didn’t fight a single time, we really just broke up because life didn’t allow us to be together...
Why did he ask me to please not contact him anymore?
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