His ex-girlfriend is trying to get him back. How to act in an awkward position?

I'm with this guy, he is not my boyfriend..Only because I don't like labeling things..I'm just into having fun. Anyways, his ex-girlfriend is trying to get him back, but because of the repetitive hurt she put him through, he won't go back to her. Recently, he told me he still had feelings for her and is trying to move on, but because of their history it's hard. I completely get it, but it's just weird now with us, I'm not going to leave him...I just don't know how to act.


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  • just be his friend...you're not into him as a boyfriend, so there shouldn't be an issue...if there's something else, then maybe you're into him more than you think...if he can't move past his ex-girlfriend, then maybe you should break the friendship and not have to deal with her because he's getting you involved whether you like it or not or him realizing it or not


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