I just found out the guy I'm seeing sleeps with his ex?

I just found out that a guy I am not officially dating (just casual dating for now) slept with his ex. How do I let him know I know it, without telling him how I found out ? and also what to do from there? I am really angry but at the same time we weren't officially seeing each other...on the other hand, he is also a very good friend of mine and have been for a while before we started ''seeing'' each other. I really really liked him and he knows it.

How do I get out of this situation maturely? because right now all I want to do is call him and tell him he is a jerk. and I still have feelings for him...


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  • I've been in this almost exact situation before! I looked like an idiot when I confronted her cause I didn't want to let her know how I found out. She just denied everything and said I had no evidence. with hindsight I now wish I said 'you're either with me or with him, make your choice!' and walked away. That way she couldn't have the best of both worlds and get away with it! My advice is tell him that whilst he's in contact with his ex, you want nothing to do with him and let him decide what he wants.

    • cut him off and make him miss you! then see what happens

  • How did you find out?

    • someone told me but I can't say who, so I don't want to tell him : someone you know told me.. he's gonna ask who

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    • You haven't thought that perhaps that person is jealous that you get to spend time with him and they can't?

    • no and he admitted it when I confronted him.. now he wants to talk about it but I don't know if I should?

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