How do I know he's over his ex?

okay so me and my dude been together 3 years now, and about 1 month ago his ex girlfriend had call.. and he said it was nothing just some lame as bull crap excuse. so I confronted him about why she's calling when.. two years ago he told me that him and her are completely over and he wants nothing to do with her, and so that leaves me with the confusion of how she got his new number and what not. but in the summer I had seen a text that he sent replying babe and I was overly hurt. and he said its just a guy friend which he lied cause I called and it was a female.. and I do believe it was his ex. I'm so confuse on what to do how to feel. please help me


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  • do you tell him how you feel,

    say something like

    I feel you need to be honest to me about your ex, because I feel that I might be threatened by her if she keeps coming into the scene, can you please help me to not worry about this?

    I hope that will help you.

    I use to feel threatened by my guy's ex too, and I have slowly come to trust him more but I really did give him a hard time for about a year about it because he did and said some really stupid stuff/foolish stuff about them two together. Anyways good luck.

    • yes I have told him how I felt about her.. and that was like years ago.. I told him not to keep in contact with her but obviously.. he broke that promise.. and like I don't get why she's still in the picture. I came to trust him. now I can't and I'm trying to make it work but I can't help but think that I'm the rebound. because they broke up because she went off to college and he stayed home.

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