Should I Contact my best friends ex?

I want to contact my best friends ex because of some things her did to her. He dumped her because he said they had too many little fights. He had broke up with her about 6 months prior to this but begged for forgiveness because he said he made a mistake in breaking up with her because they had a fight.

Fast forward 6 months he dumps her again after things where great during the time after the break up.
She was devastated as he had just asked her to accompany him on his buisness trip he won and she had to go out and buy some fancy dresses because of some of the functions they would attend. Not even a week later he broke up with her because he said they where fighting too much. WTF why did you ask her to go with you if you where intending to break up with her?

I want to talk to him about how wrong he was to do this and then he had the balls to contact her after he got back from his trip. She agreed to meet him for dinner and they hung out a few more times after that. Then he didn’t contact her after that until a month later. She didn’t answer him. He still is contacting her sometimes. It’s been 4 months since he dumped her the first time. Should I tell him what I think and to stop hurting my friend because she is trying to heal. Help please.
Should I Contact my best friends ex?
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