What does he want from me?

my ex and I broke up 2 months ago really badly. he broke with me over the fone. I intiated contact cause his family kept asking me questions and I wanted it to stop. When he called he acted like we never broke up. When we met in person he acted nervous the first time and apologised for his behavior. I then returned all his stuff. On our second meeting he kept staring at me and he spoke bout stuff we spoke bout before the sudden break up with was wierd. he kept talking and talking something he neva does . He acted like we never broke up.


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  • i think he is feeling sorry for breaking up with you and wants to get back with you but he is scard to tell you and how he feels and not sure if you will give him another chances he keeps on looking at you he is prob think I had an amazing girlfriend y was I so silly

    just talk to him and tell him how you feel

    good luck


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  • I think he's regretting breaking up with you. He's a guy though therefore he has an ego therefore letting you know will be difficult for him. Talk it over with him.

  • My ex used to act like that after we broke up... but that was because he wanted to have sex. I wouldn't spend much more time with him if I were you.


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