Does anyone really ever change? and how do you move on?

I never knew walking aways from the one that you love was going to be so hard. I walked away from the guy I loved, and said he loved me. We were really great for a while, then he started easing back to his partying drug friends, and I slipped on the priority list. After being dissapointed time and time again, I decided the best thing for me and him was to walk away. I wasn't ugly or mean, but it was clear he did not want the responsibility of the relaitonship. He tried and tried to get me back, but I knew it would be the same. We have been down this road before. And honestly the pain and stress of staying with him was greater than the pain of leaving. But honestly this sucks. He has a new girlfreind who lives on the edge like he does. He still contacts me and tells me he misses me at the most random times. That only makes it harder. I hear from his freinds and they all say he is angry, messed up and out of hand. I know there is nothing I can do. I have to let him go and do his deal. I truly loved him and cared about what happens to him. hOw do I do this. I am moving on, doing things with friends, even seeing someone. But wow the pain is still there. It is really hard to hear about him and hear from him. What else can I do?



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  • I think over time but not over night you know.


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