Emotionally cheating?

Ok me and my girlfriend have been on and off for 4 years and latley things have been crap, very crap. We haven't been intimate for 4 weeks and this has NEVER happened before despite all we have been through. We've been back together about 3 months.

Here my dilemma, as of the past 4 weeks I've seen her pretty much every other day and have dinner and so on... But no sex.

She is always on Facebook as of late, she is always taking her phone everywhere she goes putting screen down (I suspect if anyone calls or texts I won't see who). She has stopped kissing me, being close and snuggling up, wanting me to stay the night and so on...

She stills calls and texts and she does say 'I love you' at times but usually only when she wants to make up after little row. Generally I just feels like there is a barrier, like she isn't into me like that.

A few times she has said she is going to bed and I've left and she's jumped straight on Facebook for a few hours, I question her and she says its because she left the laptop on (I don't believe that).

She has a 5 year old that I'm very close to and it seems, maybe me over analysing, that she is keeping this going because of that... She doesn't have a great relationship with her dad..

I really do think she is cheating emotionally, the phone, the Facebook, the behavior all smells of that but what do I do?

I told her earlier that she needs to pull her finger out and Somethings up and that's all that's been said... Do I confront her or do I play it cool untill I have some solid evidence incase I'm totally wrong?!

Help guys!l thanks


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  • She has lost interest in the relationship. It is most likely over in her mind already. She is just stringing you along so she doesn't have to feel bad about dumping you. Some women just don't like being single after they're used to being in a relationship all the time so she is keeping you until she hooks up with the new guy and even after that she might want a backup guy for a few months until she is confident the new guy is working out. The lack of sex drive on her part could mean she is already getting it from her secret messenger. Don't get played for the fool, dump her.


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  • I have done this to a few guys I dated. I did not cheat but I was tired of feeling tied to that person. They just get too clingy and after a while, enough is enough. Especially after such a long relationship, it can be hard. Either you or her are probably gonna end it for good. If one person isn't happy, then the relationship is not worth it. The best thing is to just move on and keep looking forward.


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  • You need to communicate your feelings to her. Let her know how her actions are making you feel. Don't accuse her of anything you don't have 100% proof on. Your goal is to open up to her so that she hopefully opens up to you. If you don't get the response you want then move on.

  • Confront her and talk about it.This person has checked out and may not want to break up during the holidays. You deserve trust so unless your going to be heartbroken with out her go ahead and end this game.


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