Ending it after 4 dates...is it okay to do this via text?

If after the fourth date I realized that there is no chemistry, and I feel like he likes me a lot more than I like him, is it acceptable to end it by sending a text message or email? Or is this taking the easy way out? Any suggestions...I don't want to hurt him, but don't want to take this any further.

I know for a real relationship break up through a text is wrong, but I didn't know if this is different for just four dates.


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  • Don't be shy. Talk to him face to face if you want to break it off. It's extremely rude and cowardly.

    Anyway it's only been 4 dates. You haven't even given him the chance to let you get to know him. You never know, you might break up with him and realize that you do like him more than you thought. I suggest to keep the relationship going and see what happens.

    • Thanks, very helpful response. I've never dated before so I'm pretty clueless. I think I'll hangout with him a couple more times and see how things go. But if I'm still not feeling it after that, what can I say to him so that he does not feel led on after several dates?

    • Tell him how you really feel. Be honest. If you're going to say "Sorry but this isn't working our, I want to break up", you would be leaving him questioning things and making him feel bad that he didn't do something right. It's surprising but guys thing a lot about everything girls say and do. So tell him why you want to break it off and don't be shy to tell him the truth. He's a big boy, he can manage it.

    • Plus a relationship doesn't develop over the course of a couple of dates. You have to gain each others trust, learn about each other, learn to let them learn about you. You have to really open your heart and let him in. If you think the relationship isn't going anywhere, think about why. Why isn't it going anywhere. Is it because of the communication? Is it because of both of you a very shy? Try and work on the relationship. If you liked him enough to date him in the first place, keep trying.

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  • No, call him instead...


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