Why bother calling your ex if your with a new girl?

So, what's with that? ^_^ when I broke up with my ex, I cut all contact as I was with someone else, I wasn't interested, I had fallen in love. Simple. So...

My ex (were still deeply in love I'm sure but we have pride and he has an ego) broke up with me and got a new girl in ten days who he doesn't find attractive. Mhm. The night he got with her, he called me and yelled and then cried loads and asked why I wasn't with him. I took it as he was tired or something.

Only ten days no contact - HE called me. His excuse - 'i don't know why I'm calling', followed by 'do you have a boyfriend?' Why in earth would he care if I did either way?'

Started saying how amazing his new relationship is - what great conversation they have but he's not satisfied sexually - and that we sucked. (blatant lie) He said admitted that he'd been looking at photos of me and he wished he had a naked one or something (HA!)

What's his deal? As if you call an ex when you have a new girl!'


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  • for an ex, never date someone who hasn't moved past an ex...you open yourself up for a fall, either him rebounding to go back to her or you being the backup girl while things smooth out with the ex

    he hasn't transitioned if he's calling the ex


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