Is she trying to be vauge or am I just trying to find things?

\hell\So my ex girlfriend and I broke up weeks ago (she decided not to continue anymore). I respected her choice and stopped contact her immediately. She kept trying to let me know how guilty and sorry she was but I ignored her. We see each other often at school and we were at least saying hello to each other. I haven't spoken more than 2 words to her. I haven't texted, called, or anything and now I've decided to just not speak anymore with her to make it easier to move on. Well, I was a bit curious to see how she is so I checked her FB and her status. She had lyrics of an artist she like about how she would rather be together then fight. that she sees this as a who can act like they care less contest. Now is she trying to send me a message in a very passive aggressive way, get a reaction out of me since I'm ignoring her or is she regretful about what happened? Or am I just finding things that aren't there? She still has some pictures of us up but we aren't really in contact? I'm guessing stay on course with no contact.


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  • You are doing the right thing by trying to help yourself get over her. She was probably just surprised about your reaction. SHe may have thought you would be more openly distraught. Ignore her pettiness and move on to someone who can love you better.


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  • Just stay on course with no contact. It will be a lot easier on you. Delete her off of Facebook too or you will be looking at her page obsessively.


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  • sounds like you want to move on, and she may be trying to make herself feel better about her guilt by tryin to check up on you afterward. However, you aren't letting her do this(perhaps she should feel guilty about it,i don't know the dynamic of the break-up) and its making her crazy. If you care about her and want some kind of relationship with her in the future, just tell her that you can't be in contact or friends with her right now because its hard on you, and that you will get to her when you feel comfortable with it. my two cents

    • Well thing is I still want her. I just refuse to be the "please take me back" ex boyfriend. And even more, I don't want to be giving myself false hope about this whole thing mostly because if I am wrong and she is just doing it to get a reaction out of me, I'm going to feel like a complete ass.

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    • well hey man, if you want some free information on the subject, message me your email address and ill send you a few documents on getting your girl back

    • alright man, sent, let me know you got it ok

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