I think my ex is still attached?

Hey guys and girls! So I was going through a bad breakup. I was with this girl for almost 1.5 years and some stuff went down. She claimed she fell out of love... 4 days after breaking up she slept around with an ex and got with this new guy. We broke up end of May and just yesterday she tracked me down on Snapchat. We talked and I got emotional... I tried to persuade her to come back. She claimed she was happy. She talked to me most of the day.

Today, she talked to me all day. I told her I want her to be in my life, as friends or more than friends. She texted me non-stop and then she said "Do you wanna video chat in 15 mins". We video chatted for over 2 hours all night and she said about how her guy makes her angry waking her up every morning on the phone. The she told me she knew it was my Snapchat but her friend told her to act stupid lik she didn't know it was me. I asked her if she missed me and she him-based on an answer. I could see her flirting like she did when we started dating. She also said she refuses to have sex with the new guy.

What girl tracks an ex down... talks to daily and avoids her current boyfriend... and uses a 2nd account for it all?

Do you think she still loves me? Do you think the current guy Is just a rebound? She also won't put online anything about their relationship except a photo or two.
I think my ex is still attached?
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