Broke up with girlfriend, now she is shunning me?

So I broke up with her in august, she was heart broken, I dumped her and I did it for good reasons mainly because I didn't feel in love with her after 7 months with her... things were going good, but I just couldn't lead her on (even though she feels I still did that to her) I ended early and I'm proud I did it sooner rather than later because I don't want her to waste her time on the wrong guy. even if we got along really well...

now at university, our small faculty, I see her on occasion but she doesn't look at me, talk to me. ANything. Its kinda intense. But I'm not sure what to think/do about it. obviouslty I've done nothing since. so

what do you think


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  • If you broke up with her, you can't really expect her to be this way or that, or to just be friendly to you as though nothing happenned. Clearly the relationship meant a lot to her, and also it can be quite a blow to your self esteem when someone breaks up with you when you sitll want to be with them.

    Most people say that the 'no contact' rule is best when a relationship finishes. She may really want to talk to you, but it upsets her too much because things can never go back to the way they were.

    Not really sure why you deleted her off facebook, seems a bit mean if you already know she's cut up about you to then make it look like you don't care...but on the other hand it's probably better for her not to be able to stalk you etc so she can get on with her own life.

    Just don't expect to much. You don't obviously need to feel guilty, it's good you were honest with her. But it's a lot harder for her than it is for you. I've been there and I know being dumped can be really hard to deal with.


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  • Thats how I did my ex. it took a long time for me to talk to him again even tho I called off the relationship. I think that you should try and talk to her let her know that you are adults and that you can be friends and if you care bout her let her now you do. That's what my ex did and now I can look at him we work togather. good luck

    • I already tried to be friends with her several times... when we had a night out with friends, I was talking mostly with other people, and she said that that night was a "test" and because I didn't talk to her as much she started to shun me after that. Id love to be friends or be buddies, she just keeps finding a way to bring drama and sh*t

    • damn now that's bs I say play her own game with her then one thing that women hate is to see there ex out shine

    • so I sent her a long email saying what's up, she responds back that even tho she knows she's acting that way and all, she is still "approachable".

      she kept it short and sweet.

      But that approachable part to me, means that she would like me to start first contact again lol.

  • Thats probably her way of dealing with the break up, just keep giving her space and she will move on.

    • its been 4-5 months... :/ I did give her space. lol well if its her way of doing it I guess its never gonna end.

      I deleted her off facebook and she sent me an message saying "WOW, you're the biggest jerk I know" and then blocked me so I can't message her back. what you think of that haha

    • sounds like she is still upset about it...

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