Is she expecting a response? Why text me at all?

I asked out a long time crush of mine, and we went on one date, and afterwards she said she didn't want to date me. She was really rude and acted strange about things. She blamed it on being my friend for so long. But we had been out of contact for a few years.

I went so far as to delete her number and block her on Instagram after how she handled things with me.

It's been almost 5 months since that. Today she texted me.

Hi! This is ______. I just changed my phone number to ###-###-####. Please save this one!

I don't understand why. I was clear I didn't want to talk anymore, in my opinion. I could tell she was just being nice before because she said she had wanted to stay in touch.

She's not a friend to me, and I have been a dick hoping not to hear from her.

Why would she even waste her time to update me, and to say to save this one?

1 y
I just don't get why she'd bother. We never talked before then anyway, and I didn't bother saying anything when she said she'd want to stay in touch
Is she expecting a response? Why text me at all?
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