When you like someone and they still have feelings or are unable to get over an ex, is there anything to do?

I really like this girl that I met a few weeks ago but I recently noticed she wasn't talking much so I asked her about it. She said she wasn't ready to start dating. I had a feeling all along that there was an ex boyfriend on her mind but I didn't realize how intense it was. I've run into this problem before with girls where they've been so heavily damaged by an old relationship that basically I can't so anything but let go. This girl, I don't know she just seems really special- never connected with someone like I do with her. This isn't to be selfish, but is there any way to really help them get over an ex and move on to someone else? Can you get there mind off the past and look to the future (something better)? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
thank you all for your help. I will wait it out and see what happens. hopefully ill end up with her in the end. again thank you all


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  • be there for her when she needs it, give her time...just look out for your emotions, you don't want this to get the best of you...you don't need to fall for me and get hurt when she's not on the same level. just let her know that you're there if she needs anyone, but also if you do really like her, try to stay away from the "friend zone"...take her out and have a good time, bring friends, so its social...that way she'll meet new people and get to know you a little better...just remember it was the turtle who won the race, not the rabbit...give her time! good luck..but again, don't get your hopes tangled up with emotions


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  • the same thing is happening to me now..my boyfrd and I broke up becos his feeling for his ex is coming back.what I am trying to do is give him time and hopefully he can see me standing by his side all along...theres really not much you can do bub

  • There is nothing to do but give her time. She needs time to get over him and that takes time.. You can there for her and be her friend - but all she needs now is a friend.


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  • I have dated women going through Divorce and were still hung up on their Exes. Give her time man. You do not want to have to compete with emotions for another person. TRUST ME, it sucks.

    They aren't bad people, just human, and sometimes people need time to morn a relationship.

  • i too have dated women like this. you can wait it out so that she can see that her ex is an ex for a reason and that she has someone new and ready to be there for her. Or you can move on to the next one. The only reason I say this is only because of that fact sometimes getting into a relationship with someone who has feelings for another usually won't work in your favor. simply because all of what you do reminds her of of her ex, or she thinkin about him because she misses what they had. missing out on all that the two of you have. those are jus the options. personally I'd say don't rush it give her space. because if you try to force your way in, you will confuse her in a way and then she won't know what she wants at all. so wait it out. let her know your there but like I said don't try to force it


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