Does this count as cheating?

I've been on a couple of dates with a guy I really like, (although we're not an 'official couple' yet.)

The other night my college housemates and I threw a huge party and needless to say we were all very drunk. After everyone finally gone home we all started playing 'chicken' (where basically two people have to kiss until one of them chickens out.)

We all ended up kissing each other for varying amounts of time, but I'm wondering now if that meant I cheated on my guy? We're not an official couple although I think that'll change fairly soon, but because it's a game we weren't getting off with each other because we had feelings for each other, more because it was a dare and we were all trying to beat everyone else.

Nothings changed between any of my housemates, we're still all really good friends and there's no awkwardness or anything like that between any of us.

I really need help on this one, does it count as cheating or can I still just think of it as 'harmless fun' ?

thanks everyone x


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  • Well, its not cheating because you and your 'guy' are not in an exclusive relationship yet. Unless you two have had an actual discussion and have agreed to be faithful to each other, then don't feel guilty, because its not cheating. However, if you were exclusively dating or boyfriend/girlfriend status, and you did this, then yes, it would be cheating. If I were your 'guy' and I heard about this, even not being exclusive, I would be wondering just where you thot our relatinship was headed. Your in the clear, but be careful nonetheless if you really like this guy.


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  • Another great opportunity to apply the golden rule! Would you consider it cheating if he was the one kissing his housmates?

  • it's not cheating as such, but if he found out I'm pretty sure he may reconsider where your relationship was headed.


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