Is he cheating? I don't know what to think please help me

so my boyfriend and I have been dating for ten months now. In the beginning of our relationship he didn't trust me all though I never cheated on him he just has trust issues. one night he said he didn't want to go to bed before me because he was afraid I would call another guy. three days later I was going through his phone and I found out that he was calling this girl 'sister' five times and they talked on the phone for an hour after I went to sleep. which makes him a hypocrite because he said I would call other guys. I later found out it was a girl from his class whom he's known for a week and they already call each other brother and sister. then there was another situation with another girl that I found out he was calling after I went to bed and they had plans to chill twice but they didn't. Both times he never told me I had to go through his phone to find out on my own. He said he's known the second girl since elementary school but they haven't talked in four years. Do you think he's cheating or is planning on cheating? I've been stressing about this for a month now and I don't know what to do. He's already admitted to checking out other girls before so I'm not sure what to think. please help.


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  • This is a screwy situation.

    For starters, he probably had "trust issues" due to the fact that he may be a pathological liar himself. And automatically assumed you were the same way he was.

    One: he may(and I highly emphasize on this word) a sudden "brother, sister" bond with this chick from school. Or, he's just trying to see what he can get out of it. Be cautious about it.

    Two: Maybe from either one of these two woman he's trying to find some made up comfort he may see has lacked between the both of you, or it's something he made up to himself to make it seem "all right," and that there's no foul play.

    Communicate with him about it. If there is a big fuss about it, and then he pulls the "You don't trust me?" line. Then tell him he wouldn't have to worry about you trusting him or not if he wouldn't have been hiding the fact that he's talking to two other woman whenever you go to sleep, and then him trying to focus his guilty conscience on actions you wouldn't do.

    • Thats what I've been thinking. I thought the reason why he was putting the spotlight on me about cheating was to cover himself up. I'm going to stay with him but I will deffinatley put my guard up a bit. thank you

    • Don't put a guard up. Get to the bottom of it. Do you really want to further waste your time with someone who may not be worth it?

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  • he did not deal with that in right way

    if he just said it out with you ,everything gonna be ok

    anyway,just trust him and ask him to introduce that socalled sister to you.

    trust him!that is the most important!!


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  • 1st off, you really shouldn't go through a guy's phone, that is an invasion of privacy... But since you already did, it could be just a friend but it could be more... Also, just because a guy checks out other girls, doesn't mean he is cheating, every guy does this...

  • Honestly, to me, it seems like he's doing that to make sure he has a backup girl incase this relationship fails. When they have trust issues like that, it usually means they've been cheated on in the past. Also, it can mean that they cheat, and they just don't want it turned around on them.

    Anyway, if I were you, I'd talk to him about it. See what's up and why he's doing that. Don't jump to conclusions and think a bunch of stuff incase it's just nothing. But definitely talk to him about it.

  • sometimes when people think others are cheating (your boyfriend) it means that they are cheating on their partner and they subconsiouslly start to worry that their partner is doing the same thing. I would def keep my eye on him but it sounds like you can do better. the fact that you have to ask others if you think he is cheating is bad enough. especially if youve been worrying about it for a month now. I know its not what you want to hear but maybe its for the best. I'm positive you could find someone who makes you happy & doesn't make you worry about their commitment to you. good luck finding them!


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