Is it bad I miss my ex?

First let me say we had an online relationship
I was 17 at the time, I’m 18 Now
My ex left me and blocked me on everything without a reason
One morning she just told me it was over and I never heard from her again

I actually met her on here..
yeah and we dated for 5 months..

I've tried getting with so many girls since she left me..
it’s just not the same... It feels like girls these days are just too picky...
She wasn’t.. she actually liked me
She was just like me
she wasn’t too clingy.. wasn’t too distant
It was just right..

i miss her so much I just tried to come in contact with her again.. I messaged her just now
I’m not sure if she’ll respond or what..
Yes it’s bad
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1 y
I messaged her this morning and she replied
She asked me why I added her back
I told her I missed her
She said “bye”
& blocked me again
Is it bad I miss my ex?
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