Will my ex still text me as “friends” after I broke up with him for the better?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend for the better. I’m 13 and I’m still young, I know. But I dated and I thought about that a lot. I need to focus on my education to lead a good path so I can be successful in life. I want my ex boyfriend to be successful too but if we keep seeing each other, we’ll get no where in life because we’re mostly focusing on each other. If we still date while trying to focus on school, we might be distant or we might not focus too much on school.

We are teens and still learning about ourselves and the things around us. I know that and I know that we might want to part ways in the future because we’ve grown up and want to do things differently. I told myself, if I break up and let go of him now, it will hurt less in the future and we’ll have a better chance of being successful in life. So I broke up with him and we are now just friends.

Sometimes you have to go of someone you love for the best for you guys. Letting go of someone you love is hard. I still miss him, think of him, and I feel broken. But it’s for the better.

I sometimes text him like 2 times a month because we are on summer break and we can’t see each other. We are going to school on August 2nd. I’m always the first one to text. He only texted me first on July 4th but that was all. The rest I texted first. Is it possible that he can text me first because we are just friends? Or is it not because he’s trying to move on and he doesn’t want to bother me or make me uncomfortable because I was the one who said let go.

He agreed that we should focus on our education too but is he just saying that because I said that? I know that we aren’t going to talk at school because when we dated, we were shy around each other but still talked. Since we aren’t together anymore, there’s a 95% that we won’t be talking. It’s sad but I care for him so I’m letting him go. Please give me advice.
Will my ex still text me as “friends” after I broke up with him for the better?
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