What are some signs he is cheating?

I just need to know...what are some signs that your man is cheating on you? Also...How do you know if they are true or not and how do you get through the feelings?

I only ask because my mans ex came, found him and has been trying to do everything in her power to get him away from me. He told me I have nothing to worry about and that I need to trust him. He doesn't want to get back so he says. That's why I ask!


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  • -if you see something funny that isn't yours

    like a reciept for dinner for two that has lipstick on it

    -if you see him with a strange women or one of your friends does, at a hotel

    if you think he smells like he just had sex, and it wasn't with you

    ha! I don't know

    how about if you ask him who he's talking to and he makes up someonee that you know he was NOT talking to

    or if you ask him where he was and he is like out with the guys, when you know he wasn't out with the guys

    I"m making up stuff, but I'm sure a women will be able to tell sooner or later if her guy is cheating.


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  • if yall are having sex and he calls you another woman's name. If he says that you should be like another woman. if he doesn't want to have sex with you.

  • He smells like another woman. He has hickeys on his neck and they aren't from you. He has purchased things from jewelry stores and you haven't received anything. Joey Greco told you so.

    Don't let it get that far. Have an open communication so he can tell you if he feels that things aren't going well in the relationship. Sometimes you need to check to see where you guys stand, if you both have the same future, like your sex life, etc. We will stop what we are doing to check the status on a movie download but won't check to see how our relationship is going.

    Picking someone who is honest is a good way to ensure getting honest answers to questions.


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  • if he seems really distracted and picking fights over nothing


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