Do I need to move on?

OK so there's this guy that I liked in 8th grade and it seemed like he liked me but I never knew for sure. Like sometimes he would do things for me and he would talk to me sometimes but I was so shy that I would cut the conversation short but he was so nice to me and now it's 4 years later and I still haven't gotten over him and we went to different high schools and we don't talk and I only see him sometimes at events and even now when I do see him he still does certain things that seem suspicious but I don't know if I just read too much into what he does and I've been trying to tell him how I feel but I keep chickening out because the fact that he hasn't told me anything makes me wonder if he really doesn't like me but then at the same time I put a guard up when I'm around him and ignore him so that if he doesn't like me he wouldn't know but even then I still look at him a lot nd my actions show otherwise. We haven't spoken a word to each other in the last 3 years and I know there's a lot of girls who like him and he talks to a lot of them but I don't think he's had a girlfriend during high school. So should I just tell him how I feel or should I just move on?


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  • Move on it's been years..


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