Does he still love me? How can I get him back?

Hi I'm 16 my ex boyfriend was 18 . We broken up a week ago it was very sudden he said he was not ready for commitment as he has a lot going on That night he text me saying I'm always here for you. So I changed my face book status to single and my mate but lets get some numbers for you at collage . I looked at is face book page and he has loads of girls writing loads of sh*t on his wall is he doing this to get me back ?


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  • i think that its neither he nor there, I know its only been a week and its hard to hear this but just forget about him, trust me... move on, YOUR 16. you'll get plenty more chances and you'll meet a guy who wants you and is ready for "commitment"... honestly, I don't think your ready for commitment either, your 16, once again. go out there! meet some guys! experience!


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