What would be the wisest thing to do about my now ex bf?

We had some problems because of some mistakes I did like being jealous over not real reasons, arriving late and making him wait at least 5 times, having a kinda bossy/princess like behaviour, etc. He talked about me about these things the week before last and we decided to give a try to the relationship. I tried my best to not do any of these, the only one I couldnt really help was arriving a bit late, but during last Friday he was cold and distant during the whole night (we were at his coworker's party). Then when we got to his bed , besides not wanting sex he laid far away from me and I couldnt help telling him "You dont love me anymore. I can feel it, Im not stupid" and he said "Im sorry" and hugged me but I was so mad/sad that I run away in my pjs, left his apartment and run downstairs to hide in a corner and cry. When he finally found me it was horrible, he told me more things like he could see I got more attached than he was and that it didn't work out for him. I got so angry he still invited me to his party I insulted him and cried the whole time. After a while we returned to the apartment and I decided to tell him the main reason I arrive late and take more time to do things: my dad abused me as a child and I've been taking antidepressants since Im 11. He then cried with me and told me how sorry he was, he even offered me to ask a coworker for me to live with her but I denied it. I had to stay with him, I had nowhere to go. I woke up 2 hours later and started crying cause it felt horrible to have him hugging me and have slept besides him hugging me after that nightmare so I got up and went to the bathroom and when I came out he was standing there silent.
Forget him and move on
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Wait for him to come back on his own
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Try to pretend Im alright when hanging out with his friend (who is still my friend) so he maybe comes back
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1 y
I just looked at him with sadness/anger. I took my stuff and just left but he came after me and followed me and when he noticed I still wasn't talking he said Im sorry and hugged me again so I started crying. Then he offered me an uber and I told him goodbye after he hugged me one more time
What should I do? I still love him a lot and I feel he will regret it sooner or later.
PS: We lasted 2 months and half and he leaves the country in 3 months.
1 y
If someone is nice enough to read everything I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!
What would be the wisest thing to do about my now ex bf?
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