Is there still a chance with my ex? Advice?

My ex boyfriends of 2 years broke up with me 1 ½ months ago, I’ve given him his space---I did beg the first couple of days I will not lie—and have let him be, but since the break up I’ve ran into him a few times and in each one of them, we talk and have a good time and he always tells me what he has been up to and updates me on all the most important events. I ran into him today on campus, at first he didn’t notice me (this always happens in our encounters, I’m the one that has to wave first) but then he spotted me and came over and gave me a hug (which took me by surprise) and talked to me while he waited for his classmate, he updated me on what he’d been up to and asked me about my week, later he mentioned he’d seen one of my facebook posts and asked who I’d gone with (relevant to the post---he didn’t seem intrusive but genuinely interested) I told him and he seemed at peace, after a about 10 minutes he left cause he had to go to class—I couldn’t leave first since I had to be at this location, I waved good bye and he leaned in a bit and waved good bye. What confuses me a bit about this situation is that when he broke up with me (reasons: the relationship had gotten boring, I didn’t have the same career choice as him, and we’d fought some in the past ---fights that never lasted more than a couple of hours and that never got to screaming or insulting extremes and that were always talked out and resolved---he said he didn’t want to get to the point to where we did scream and say hurtful things like in his past relationships—his ex’s had been horrible and I don’t mean to sound cocky but I’m pretty normal and laid back) he didn’t seem to want to be friends, I asked him if we could but he said: “we’ll see”. A week ago he texted me to see what was going on (I hadn’t contacted him in 2 weeks, I was trying to heal some), and also when we were at a party together, this was about 2 weeks after the break up, he played with me and gave me all his attention, he even acted kind of nervous and would do awkward things, I left the party early and an hour later he texted me to see why I’d left and if he could call me sometimes, I didn’t explain my reason for leaving but told him he could call me, he never did, he did however message me on fb and told me how great he was doing, I talked for a bit and then logged off ---him being so chipper after such a short time made me upset---Also, there was this girl that is new to his career program that even before we broke up was constantly messaging him, texting him, and now won’t stop following him around---saw this at the party, and commenting on everything he does (fb---he comments on hers a lot now too). I let her get close to him because she was new to the school and she was lonely and homesick, she was cool with me but now doesn’t talk to me (makes me suspicious). So the question is---sorry this is so long---do you guys think he misses me? Could there still be a chance between us? I’m afraid this girl might ruin my only chance, what do you guys think? And lastly any advice/opinions?


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  • **** PS. When he talked to me on facebook he again asked me why I'd left the party early and I told him, also he's had other friends that are girls that are cool and that really like me and still my friends, all his friends were shocked when they'd found out about the break up since it was so sudden, the night before he told me he loved me and that day he broke up with me out of the blue, he said he'd been thinking about it for 2 weeks and that there was nothing I could do becuase he'd made up his mind. Is he sending me signals now though?


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  • in our men's heart , the first lover occupies much space. So he must miss you.

    after all you went through a beautiful love . in addition, he often tells you his new state, showing he is also caring you and let you can pay attention to him.

    come on.!

    you will love again ,only if you solve the problem between you and him.


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  • Do not make a guy a priority when he only considers you an "option." If he wanted to be with you, he would be with you. With or without other women in the picture. Don't put this on the "new" suspicious girl in the picture.

    Time will tell I guess. You are broken up. Accept that...


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