Is it okay for me to get rid of my ex's stuff, if he has not come back after 6 months?

We were engaged, and living together. I Found out I did not love him in the way I wanted to love my husband( So I called off the engagement) Well He took that as Get out of my house and left.

then he dumped me. but told me he would come back for the stuff he left ( I thought he was coming back so I told him he could leave some of his stuff here at my house)

So Its been 6 months, we stopped talking about 3 months ago, He has a Stagg Guitar with some bands names on it from a concert he went to, and I want to sell it so I can buy Christmas gifts and a few others things that might get at least 30 dollars.

I have gotten rid of most his clothes he left and that kinda of stuff just been holding on to the things I knew he would want back, if he did come back.

My dad said he left it here so it is ine to do with what I want

and my mom thinks I should wait for him to come back down here

My boyfriend ( The guy who I am madly in love with) Thinks its unhealthy for me to keep the things ( seeing my Ex was controlling and would only pay attention to me if we were having sex)

and my friends think one it would help me close the chapter in my life and look forward to the new life me and my boyfriend are making now.

Me and him are planning on moving in together soon and I do not think its right to bring my ex boyfriend stuff with me, and I am not shipping it him.


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  • Can't you drop this guys stuff off at a friend, or relatives house?

    • hhe is 150 miles away, my car does not go past 45 with out shaking or just like wanting to die and he has an older car but no way to drive it

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    • i sent him a message 3 months ago telling him that I was gonna donate it all too goodwill in december if he did not come for it, and he never replied ... and personally I do not want him coming back for it, he is a sex offender and like after we broke up all he wanted from me was sex. and he said he wanted sex from me when he came for it...

    • Obviously him being a sex offender didn't bother you much since you were with him. But, that's not the case here. If you notified him of what you'll be doing with his belongings if he doesn't come and get it. Well, you gave him an advancement on what would happen. So, rid yourself of his belongings. As you don't need any further reminders of him. Unless for some odd reason it's comforting keeping it, in an unexplainable way.

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  • After this amount of time, if you'd handed something in to the Lost Property office somewhere and no-one had claimed it, you'd be free to take it for your own. This counts the same - that guitar, while probably quite valuable if only for sentimental reasons, is long past its throw-by date and you need to get rid of things if he is that unconcerned about them.

    Give him one last chance, say that you're getting rid of the stuff in a week, and then do so. You have been patient enough.

  • Contact him one last time and tell him that if he doesn't come get his stuff, you're getting rid of it. If he doesn't reply, toss/sell everything and move on.


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  • He's probably too afraid to even contact you, and the stuff doesn't feel as important as it is to him, he still cares for it, but is to afraid to see you to deal with picking it up.


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