Do I have any hope?!!!?

there is this guy..i don't know if he likes me but the more I read sh*t online the more I think he doesn't like me.. he used to indirectly smile at me or in my direction when he is with his friends.. one of my friends tells me he just glances at me during class at school.. 3 times or so in 1 hour which isn't much =/ and I have never seen him do this..i always obviously glance at him and I'm always around where he is..sometimes I blatantly ignore him..because I'm making so much effort and he clearly doesn't give a sh*t..but I've talked to him once he was really nice..he never EVER makes an effort..never initiated conversation..when he's alone and I see him..he doesn't smile at me..he has this poker face on which is either very hard to read or I'm refusing to read it for what it is which is obviously that he has no interest and sometimes when I look at him during class..he looks annoyed =/ we both 'know' each other from the weird eyecontact..when I talked to him once..he was looking away..=/ (I was too because I was shy..) when I talked to him I was looking at the floor or like the wall lol so I didn't see if he was looking at me or not and when he talked I would look at him and he would be looking away

he seems like a cool laid back guy who does his own thing..

also his friends give me weird looks..either they're making fun of the fact I like him which is stupid..or its something else?

I'm this confused about it because I felt like he did some stuff which was good but then sometimes..or most of the time he just acts like he doesn't give a sh*t. so maybe he actually doesn't?and he was just enjoying the attention?

i think he doesn't feel the same should I move on?


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  • Do you know what the funny thing is...

    ... he has probably typed the exact same story on another forum. :)

    • haha I doubt it..

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    • yeah but I don't know what the obvious answer is =/ I don't know my friends have all been 'rejected' by their crushes..and the amount of 'signals' they supposedly sent was far more obvious..but it ended up a I don't know.. do guys ever look at girls they arnt interested in? make some effort to establish some weird eyecontact?

    • i suggest if you are friendly with any of his friends or someone that knows him then ask them to ask him if he likes you or not then that way no one is embarrassed or "put on the spot" to answer.

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