What to do when you're moving 2 hours away from your girlfriend?

I'm moving home from college,1 1/2 to 2 hours away from my girlfriend and she wants to break up,but I'm in love with her,and I feel deep down she loves me too, she says she won't do a long distance relationship,even after I offered to come see her as much as possible...ive been very good to her,and I'm coming to a turning point in my life also,do I just let her go & let her realize on her own how special I really was to her?or do I continue to tell her how I feel,and continue to ask her to work it out,and hopefully she'll see that I'm not gonna give up on what we have?


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  • Well yeah I say give it a try, but if she's not going to take it then let her realize that on her own.


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