I don't want to be the ex that won't go away. Men: Opinions would be awesome, brutal honest please!

After being broken up for 3 months (which seems like eternity). We have only exchanged text messages here and there…. I saw him on Friday. I left a bar late had a couple drinks but was still sober enough to text him in the middle of the night. 1am and I thought what are the chances of him texting back. To my surprise he did. He asked what I was doing awake so late and I told him I was out and I asked to see him. He said “Come over”. I went to his house and we cuddled and kissed. Of course he tried to have sex with me and I refused. I kissed the entire night. Every attempt I tried to make in leaving would wake him up and he held me closer to him, each tight hug ending with a kiss on the forehead followed with one on the lips. I made several attempts to leave but he would wake and ask me to stay longer. I then finally made a triumphant escape where he woke and followed me to my car. He asked me to let him know when I had gotten home. He pulled my face to his and kissed me so passionately like he had never done before. It was amazing. But in the back of my mind I knew this was just one night, one time. That’s it. I arrived home and sent a short message “Im home” His reply “Cool”. End of story. We have since then been contact everyday. Sending random text messages, Such as the following “I think I'm might have marked you on the neck…Sorry! Bye” (This was the following day after we saw each other) I replied by saying its cool. The next day he texted me again “Did you ever make it to the convention” I said “yes” . He initiates them first but I think its only because he doesn’t want me to feel used… Which I don’t. I have heard from people close to his circle that he is dating 2 woman. 1 he actually brings around for parties and other things. The other no one has met. They tell me he says he’s just dating…We dated for 9 months and all his friends still stay in touch with me. I have kept my distance. I don’t want to be the ex that won't go away.

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To the REAL MEN OUT THERE who took the time to answer: Thanks for all the opinions. I know you are all right and reading what you have to say, just makes me that more sure that breaking up with him was the right choice! :)


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  • It's been 3 months since your 9 month relationship... time to move on.

    You contacted him at 1am after drinking... in his mind you were an easy score.

    He's dating 2 women... neither of which is you. Time to move on.

    • WOW! so easy and simple! Thanks!

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What Guys Said 3

  • IMO, it'd be best to move on. He's playing the field at the moment, and while he has the right to do so, it's not healthy for you to be in contact with him (with the physical note) after your break-up if there's no intention on getting back together. Slowly cut the texting down and eventually just settle with yourself and move on from there.

    It's the best thing you can do for yourself.

    • Thanks. I know its best for me emotionally and ahem...physically. Thanks! :)

  • the rules are simple , wen you break up, for any reason , You SHOULD NOT GO BACK , that's it , even if he\she tears herself apart , simple . if you go back you would relive the past , I guess you don't want that . that's BS wen they say they can work things out .

    dont go back


    • Im the one who broke up with him. I love your opinion. You are right. Something inside of me is telling to run for the hills! lol

    • there are days wen your alone and you would say to yourself , what d hell lets text him , Do NOT text , and your guts are right , RUN FOREST , RUN :)

  • You say you don't want to be the ex that won't go away. Yet you won't go away.

    So cut it out and move on. Don't reply to his texts/calls.


What Girls Said 1

  • First of all, you wouldn't be here asking our opinions if you felt nothing was wrong, and everything was right. His behavior is confusing you. He's already "moved on" by dating, but you have made yourself "available" to him by texting and jumping at his advances by wanting to hang out. You need to stop while you're ahead. Things will only get more complicated, and you will be the one getting hurt. Time to move on hun, for your own sake.

    • Thanks girl! I know that's what I have to do...I need to grow a pair and move on! I will do it!

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    • Awww man! That's hard...but I'm the one who broke up with him! But its because he just stopped talking to me.I tried calling and talking to him and when I did get a hold of him he said he was over it!...Hes 26 year old man and acts like he's 15.

    • LOL...I know! And I've had people tell me my ex is a fool for breaking up with me, but he even admitted to me that he's immature, and that I deserve better. Yet he pursued me, and was prob the best boyfriend I've had in a long time. Go figure! Oh well. Movin on strong! ;-)

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