I went to visit my ex and another woman and her daughter were at his house...?

ok my ex and I dated for four months and broke up a month ago. he said he honestly didn't have time for a relationship cause he's working two jobs and planning on going back to school. we still talk and everything but I still have feelings for him. after I got off work I was in the area and decided to drop by his place. he answered the door but another woman and her daughter (age 6) where there. he invited me to come in and I was introduced to her. no statement as to her being the new girlfriend or anything. I had seen her once before at his other job briefly. I didn't inquire about how they knew each other or anything but she did seem to know things about me. example, she knew my dog had passed about two weeks earlier that sort of stuff. the entire time I was there I felt really uncomfortable. granted she is 15 years older than she is but I don't know just doesn't seem his type. I went to leave but he asked me to stay and hang out. but of course I ended up leaving later. I feel so hurt and I don't know why. guys help I don't know what is going on and what to think right now

update: turns out he is seeing her.


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  • If you're still friends with your ex, I think you should just ask him if he is seeing her. That will put your curiosity to a calm, if you know what I mean.


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  • I doubt a guy would want a girl 15 years older.


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  • One thing that is true though, is that if a guy wants a relationship, he wouldn't say he wouldn't have time for one. He would make any attempt to call or talk.


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