Do I let him pay on our first dates or not?

i know that he's not exactly poor, but I don't want him to think I only want his money, because I really really like him :]

but I've heard some guys are hurt (or feel rejected?) when they offer to pay and a woman just won't that true?

what should I do?


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  • just ask when the bill comes "how much is it"? Offer but he'll pay himself probably. Then you can say thank you and then say you'll invite him next time. Its a perfect way to get a second date too.. good luck

    • totally the way to go. kudos

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    • best answer right there

    • forget about the bill please..just enjoy the date. when it comes, say "let's split it" he'll say no its on him. you say thanks.. that's pretty much it, really no big deal. if you want, suggest ice cream or coffee after..and you say I got it or this is on me. Guys do like thoughtful girls. But when it comes to a relationship..omg there is so much stuff. who pays the bill is like 0.01% of an issue. You can also suggest to cook for him at your place (and get a second date out of it).

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  • If they offer to pay, don't feel bad accepting it. He's probably offering because he wants to do something nice for you. If a girl flat out refuses, I feel like she doesn't want me to pay for her because she doesn't want to be on a date with me. However, I also think this is a two-way street. If a girl offers to take out a guy and pay for the date and he's interested, there's no reason for him to insist on paying. Let the other person do something nice for you! ^_^


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