Why is he being like this? (HELP)

I was going out with this guy for nearly 3months we were really close . But in the end we did not get along .I had it with him he was very stubon I ring him up I wanted to end it he always had to have the last word he had a feeling I was going to end things . So he ended it frist no matter what he did I loved him . 2 days later I changed my relationship status on face book my mate comment on it saying more numbers for you . Later that day he got loads of girls to leave silly comments all over his wall why did he do this ? what do I do I still love him ?


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  • He's just acting like an asshole trying to get a rise out of you. And you still have feelings for him cause perhaps you haven't made closure. So try opposite action when ever a thought of him comes to mind just distract yourself. and if you see silly comments on his wall try thinking to yourself "he's not worth getting upset over. there's other guys that are better than him"

    Good Luck :)


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