Have you ever been cheated on?

if so, how did you handle it?


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  • I remember the day I opened the local newspaper and read his engagement announcement. I sat there in shock. I guess I was in denial about the obvious signs that he was cheating. I looked up his fiancee's phone number and contacted her. I told her everything and we decided to meet. I showed her my phone bills, pictures, cards, letters etc. We both cried and realized how we both had been played. Then, we drove to his house and both of us went to the door. He opened the door and looked like he saw a ghost. We all went in the house. I told him I read his engagement announcement in the paper and called his fiancee. I told him he was dead to me and I NEVER wanted to see him again. His fiancee dragged him upstairs and they fought. He couldn't believe I found her! He needed to know I wasn't some f***ing dumbass anymore.

    I remember going home. I cried hysterically, my body went numb, I felt a deep pain in my chest and was nauseous. I laid in bed for weeks, I couldn't move or go out. I didn't eat, all I did was sleep. He called me and begged me to take him back and I refused. I contemplated suicide for about 3 weeks but was too much of a p**** to do it. I remember going into the bathroom one day and I cut all my hair. I had long blond hair down the middle of my back and I cut it short. After I cut my hair, I decided to go out a little again, just to mesh with my friends. This was 3 months later. I was still numb, extremely depressed and down. I dated no one for over a year. He shattered me, my heart, my soul, my inner being. I have NEVER known pain like that. I have never forgotten it.

    • daam, I don't know what to say to that... that's messed up...

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  • Unfortunately, I've cheated. I didn't do it with intention of hurting anyone, it wasn't planned. I'd fallen in love with a guy. Unwashed frightened and confused. We kissed, made out. Then we stopped and I broke up with my guy. I felt guilty but I never did it to hurt him.

    • wait, which one was the one you were in love with, the one you cheated on or the one you cheated with?

    • The one I cheated with. I did try and ignore my feelings. I'm glad I ended with my then current boyfriend before anything more than a kiss happened. Fortunately my ex (the one I cheated on) is with a lovely girl now who he loves.

    • oh, I guess that's cool then, hope she doesn't cheat on him too.

  • I am a very strong and Independant girl, when I saw my Boyfriend making out with someone else, my heart was crying and my brain was screaming. But then I knew I was better than him, I cried a little but I very soon got over it.

    And now I am happy and dating a much better guy


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  • I was at the house when it happened, she told me to sit down.. She broke the news to me and then told me he slept with someone else right after... I flipped, my heart was aching and my head was pounding.. I didn't know whether to kill this guy, break up with her, etc and so forth.. I felt betrayed, alone, selfish, angry, etc.. All negative feelings.

    I went down to a local restaurant and called my best friend to come calm me down - I just wanted some support and this guy, he was twice the fighter I could dream of being, I knew if I stepped out of line he could stop me.. I was so angry I couldn't stop anything - my body was on auto pilot while my mind was trying to recover.

    Not even 10 or 15 minutes into talking with my friend and getting calmed down, I could hear this guys car driving through.. I knew it was him.. I lost it again.. I grabbed a 32mm wrench out of my car and ran towards the road.. My best friend tried to grab my arm and I crashed it right into his head.. Turned and kept running, I was focused on a war path.. His buddy tackled me at the ankles and put me on my back.. I dropped the wrench and twisted the kids wrist.. Then as I started to get up I got tackled by my friend and he slapped me to wake me up.. I told him I was good and when the guy drove off I broke down.. I got in my car and drove off.

    To this day, I have never gotten over that pain. I try to hide it - so many people think that issues are problems.. Not when you deal with them internally.. I rarely, if ever, open up about such situations.. no one needs to know. But sometimes it's nice to pop the cork and let off a little steam from all those hurting injuries..

    I can honestly say that it changed my perspective about dating.. Though she was my first and only at the time, so I can't forget about her no matter how hard I try to push her away. It f***ing sucks but it was a valuable lesson that needed to be learned.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • Yes, in any relationship right from the get go I'm always very straight forward I say "look if you feel there's some thing I can't give you and feel there's someone else that can, let me know we can part ways with a hand shake" But if after that if she does it behind my back I cut her out of my life completely not only do I "burn the bridge" I use C4, absolutely no second chances now or ever... Because if they do it once they will do it again ... then I dust off my hands and move on that's how I handle it


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