I'm ready to be back with him again. GUYS! If this were you, what would be going through your head?

Alright. Let me find a way to "un-complicate" this as much as possible. I fell in love with this guy when I was about 16. We had mutual connections, and saw each other a lot in passing. Then, when we were both 18, we ended up on the same mission trip... it kind of seemed like fate. We ended up dating for a year, and it was the best year of my life. But then, I moved away to another state. We tried to make it work, but we were both just sad all the time, so we ended it. It was really rough, and he stopped talking to me when I started dating a guy in my new town (I was with him for almost a year, and even fell in love again). Even after I started seeing this other guy, I tried to contact my ex a lot, but he would never talk to me. So, I stayed in my new home for about a year, but I missed my family (and honestly this guy too) so I decided I would be much happier if I moved back to my home town. As soon as I dumped the other guy and moved home, my ex started calling and texting me all the time. That seemed like a good sign, so I told him how I felt and asked if he thought we could give it another shot. I figured that if it freaked him out and he backed off that then I would know, and he wouldn't be worth any more of my time. But all he said was that he was too busy for a real relationship right now, but we don't know the the future holds. (He hasn't dated anyone else since me) So, we've continued to talk nearly every day since. He was supposed to take me out a couple weeks ago, but got busy with his family and stood me up. I was furious at first (but I didn't tell him that), but he called and apologized, and told me that he still really wanted to take me out soon. He has even agreed to be my date to my Christmas party for work! But I honestly still can't tell if he is just trying to glue back together our friendship, or if he's just taking it slow and hoping for something more. He knows how I feel... help? Guys... if this were you, what would be going through your head? I really miss him, he was my best friend when we were together, and I'm ready to be back with him again.


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  • hey,

    It sounds like he has somewhat gotten over you. Now, that being said I wouldn't say it's over. It seems like he took it pretty hard. A lot of times when someone can't deal with emotions they push everything that caused it away, it's not great, but normal. He still cares about you, a lot. Like a turtle if things get too intense i.e. meeting you he is going to shoot back into his shell. You have to take the situation lightly, the fact he is talking to you is a really good sign. Take it slow, be patient and he will come out. He was hit pretty hard and has fear it may happen again. I'm not saying you might not feel the same way, it's just his way of dealing.

    • that makes sense... but if you think he is kind of over me, is it even worth my time? I don't want to wait around like a lovesick puppy if he's over me.

    • Yeah didn't come out right, that stuff you really won't know until you spend some time with him...

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