Is it OK to hookup with my ex over Christmas break even though I don't intend to date him again?

I dated a guy for two and a half years in high school. I never dated any other guy before and going off to school I thought it would be better to break up so that I could meet new people. It wasn't that I didn't love my boyfriend, I just never knew how it felt to hook up with anyone else and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Well, I'm going to see my ex over Christmas and I still have feelings for him- I want to hookup and more with him, but I don't know if that is OK if I'm pretty sure I don't want to get back together, at least not now. Any suggestions?


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  • This is what I did, I broke up with my boyfriend for the same reasons and then we hooked up, it wasn't good. Especially because you still have feelings for him, every time you do stuff with him all of the feelings will come back and it will mess with your head and his. Does he still want to be with you? If so, I would not go there because you will be messing with his feelings and it's unfair on him to just use him as a hookup if he wants more. If you're both clear that its a hook up and you both want nothing more then that's okay, just make sure you can keep you're feelings out of it.


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  • as long as you make that clear to him...

    heck I would if my ex asked, would be nice to have someone for the holidays at least :/



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  • It's okay as long as you make it clear to him (before hooking up) that you don't want a relationship. I


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