How to get a guy not to like you?

This dude is like in love with me and I have a boyfriend and I really don't like him. And he knows I don't like him. How do I get him to back off?


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  • k, first off I don't think this guys "loves" you, if he loved you he wouldn't be so infatuated with you, he's in lust with you, I'm guessing you're pretty hot, cause it sounds like he wants to f*** you

    the best thing to do: no contact at all. I know that's had and all for a girl to do but..thats what's gotta happen. if you see him, and your boyfriends not around, try not to dress too appealing. otherwise you really can't MAKE a guy not like you, its gotta happen on its own. once you start ignoring him, he'll get the idea. I'm assuming your boyfriends upset that this guy keeps talking to you too

    btw, your under 18 please tell me you're not sexually active


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  • Well... I've been in his situation before, and let me tell you. It is sh*t. I however, accepted the reality that it would never happen.

    When you do tell him that you really don't like him, please, please, don't make it public.

    If he doesn't back off then you can always set your boyfriend on him.

  • Tell him that you don't like him and that his advances are not welcome. If he continues to pursue this then threaten him with a restraining order.


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