How can I let him down easy? tips please?

So I've been texting this guy, met him on facebook, was bored and needed a texting buddy. and he sent me two pics but the weird thing is his pics he sent don't look like his facebook pics well not all off them, just a few. and well he's not really my type, and he wants to meet me. but I'm getting a creeper vibe from him. how can I let him down easy and cut off contact with him? what can I say? what would you do? or should I just ignore his text messages?


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  • Ignoring him is really bitchy.

    Just tell him flat out. That's the fair thing to do.

    Just be like hey...I know I guess you may have gotten the wrong idea but I was really only looking for a text buddy not to meet up or a boyfriend or anything...and Ya I know I probably gave the wrong impression and I am srry. But I just needed to clear that up.

    Thats what you should say and there is no reason NOT to say that and be honest.

    and you girls need to chillax about the creeper vibe that is so gay.

    • Lol okay I'm going to say that thanks. nd I can't help it if I get that kind of vibe.

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