Ex said she hopes she realizes?

I talked to my ex last night and she told me that it isn't easy for her to throw away our two year relationship. I asked her why not come back and she said she couldn't because she loves a new guy and it is true. She also told me that she hopes she realize that I'm the one she loves but hell I said ill stay away from her so that she could be happy. I don't know I'm confused she said she loves the guy when in fact they started their relationship after we broke up. She told me that what she feels for him is true... So I decided to stay away and she repeats that she hopes she will realize... I think its right to move on and stay away because I fell she won't realize our relationship.

Yesterday also I forwarded some music and she told me that she is crying when she heard the music "if only tears could bring you back" she said her love for the new guy is true and I don't know maybe I am still hoping that she realizes and comeback to me.
i am asking, is she on a rebound relationship?

Is she true when she said she will realize?(Though I think not because later on she said "if I will realize)

should I stay away?

those are my questions


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  • I agree with the guy who wrote below.

    my ex cheated on me then told me he loved me and that it was really hard for him too and still thinks he can talk to me about it maybe working out between us in the future, even though he is still with the girl he cheated on me with. if this girl doesn't appreciate you enough to stay with you, or if she can transfer her feelings so quickly on to someone else, then she's not good enough for you. sure she might be a nice person, but either she has problems, or is greedy, or doesn't want to be with you but wants to reassure you that even though it's over, she still cares.

    If she's got your best interests at heart, that's fine. But if you ever sense that the things she says are for her own reassurance, stay away. You don't owe her anything, she chose things to be the way they are. Actions speak louder than words.

    I know it's really hard if you really felt like you connected with someone...it's hard to let go and hard to tell yourself that you'll be happy without them. But you will! Everything happens for a reason.

    Good luck


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  • oh right... probably...

    she doesn't love him. at least not yet. love takes AGES to fall into.

    and he hasn't got much of a chance because you're still in her head...

    i would move on if I was you...its what she's trying to do...and its what you should probably do too...

  • confused...what are you asking?


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  • Listen man, I think she does love him... You know what She thinks she loves him, She is transferring all the feelings she has for you onto him. Let me give you a piece of advice. Leave her alone ,stop sending sad songs or whatever your doing. Stop letting her know that your sad and miss her. Right now she is honey mooning with this guy. Be patient Around 4 to 5 months later reality is going to hit her like M@therf&ck#R and she is going to come back crying to you. That is if you were a good boyfriend to her. But if you don't leave her alone you're going to help her get over you. Disappear, drop out of her life. She is going to start wondering and that's when she is going to go kraze. DON'T RESPOND TO ANY TEXT MESSAGES, UNLESS IT SAYS " I MADE A MISTAKE, I WANT YOU BACK" let me repeat " hey how are you" " Hey what's up" all those text. Delete them. all she is doing , she's making sure that you are still waiting for her. Once she realizes that your Gone she is going to go KRAZEEEEEEEEEEE. you wondering how do I know this right? I have been there. Keep me updated

    • sure is... thanks ill follow your advice

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