Would you wait or move on?

So just say for instance you go to the same uni as a girl who you met there and liked. You guys are both 20, it's been 1-2years of friendship. And you want to ask her out for some coffee, but she really likes you too, but she can't cause she has a strict parent. She can't date till 21 years old, but you really feel for her. And when she tells you she can't date you cause of her parents, would you wait until she is 21 or move on?, bare in mind you really like her...


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  • I'd date her Inspite of her parents... I would encurage her to rebel..I'd sneak her out of her house once and awhile and get into all sorts of fun and adventure... she might get in trouble here or there but at some point her parents are gonna have to give and loosen up... and what are they gonna do to you? beat you up? put you in jail? take it from a REAL bad boy... go for it! :D

    • Worse never forgive you and kick you out. But she is very respectful to her parents and would follow their views

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    • ok, but what if she don't want to bend the rules but she really likes you but can't do or say anything

    • Ok thanks

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  • Well..If You Guys Really Like Eachother It Shouldnt Matter What Her Parents Will Think.It All Depends On How You Too Feel About Eachother.


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