Should I let him go even though I don't know if he will come back?

well me and my first love broke up and its been 6 months and we been going back and fourth well recently I told him to like just leave me alone ,but I didn't meant it it just he wasn't treat and me like he used to ,so I pushed him back,now I was planing to go see him he told me not to and has been ignore and my calls its been a week ,and still the silent treatment .i already told him I love him and want him back but I'm so afraid that he's gone and me begging him to come back is pushing him further away what should I do he's my heart my soul.heartbroken ,i just need some help here.


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  • You need to take a step back and give him a little space. You actually did right by telling him to leave you alone, but you shouldn't have told him that you love him. You need a good game plan at this point to get him back. This girl will turn things around for you ==>



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