Will she move like she says she will?

ldr's happen all the time now and sooner or later someone in the relationship is gonna ask the other to move. usually its the guy. while I have asked her to, and she says she will, I don't really know for sure if she truly will. we are "in love" so that's not the problem, its just I don't know if moving to where I am is really what she wants. and you always hear people say "look out for number one; yourself" so while I'm hoping she does, I'm also trying to make sure its what she truly wants.

how else can I go about making sure it really is what she wants. does asking her to move in, help any. or even marriage proposal or are those too far?

btw this would be 6 months from now


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  • If she's always saying it, most likely she will really move in.


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