Can a guy love you if he cheated on you?

my boyfriend and I were going out for 2 years and his ex and his sister are best friends so his ex was over at his moms house which lives 2 hours away and he didn't drive at the time so he couldn't drive to see me so his ex sister and him were hanging out and we got in to a big fight over him hanging out with his ex. well a week later he told me he cheated on me with his ex but that they only kissed that's it and he said it was a stupid mistake and that he is love me. Can my ex still love me after he cheated?


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  • Iisten. I have a wonderful girlfriend! I love her to death, I would take a bullet for her. I'd give my life up for her. I have cheated on her and I may do it again if it comes around. I'm not going to let anyone tell me that I don't love her because I cheat( which I know is terrible). I know my feelings. I have had sex with another woman, and as soon as it's over , it's really over. Why because certain guys including me can separate sex from attachement and emotions. When you LOVE someone, I mean LOVE someone, that LOVE will last forever even if you break up 30 years later the LOVE will be there, because LOVE isn't man made, its naural. People including myself make stupid choices but that doesn't mean they don't love you. I did not talk like this to offend anyone , I just laid it out to give you a understanding. And not all guys cheat, I know a lot of guys who don't

    • Part of loving someone is caring enough about their feelings to not want to hurt them by cheating. Even if you didn't care about the person you had sex with, if you and your girlfriend agreed to be true to each other, and you haven't done it, you have broken her trust and shown that you don't care about her feelings. You must not love her that much

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    • I don't purposely do things that would hurt my boyfriend. Sometimes I have done things that I didn't realize would hurt him, but I have never known something would hurt him and then done it anyway. You're right, mistakes happen, and yeah you can cheat on someone and make that mistake and still love them ONCE. You said you would do it again, which means that you have no regard for her feelings, so you obviously couldn't love her that much.

      What would you do if you found out she'd been having sex with

    • I'm not saying that I am looking for the next oppt to cheat on her. but I can't predict the future. It may happen or not, But I know that I will still love her. But you are right it may show that I don't love her , but deep down I know I do. One more thing I don't want to give the impression that I am glorifying or justifying my actions.

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  • He obviously felt so guilty about it he confessed.. Relationships are about what's important. If you think his little make out session was more valuable than everything yall been through leave him because it will never leave your mind. But if you can forgive him, it will show him you aren't giving up that easy and you will be there for him through the good and bad times..

  • My boyfriend did a similar thing after two years of dating. It wasn't with an ex, he went to a girl's house and made out with her. He told me about it right after, and was crying. He said it was because we were young and getting serious and he was worried that he was missing out on fun, and wanted to see if he was willing to give up fooling around with other people to spend his life with me. He told me he would never do it again, and he realized that he didn't want that girl, or any other girl except me.

    Maybve your boyfriend was remembering times with his ex and got caught up in the moment. The fact that he told you about it shows that you can still trust him, and that he loves you. But if it happens again, dump him!

    • you mean to tell me that you boyfriend doesn't love you, because he did that?

    • ya we was still a teenager when it happen and I did take him back because when I was crying he was crying and we been going out for 6 in a half months now but I still bring it up and asking how do I know you wouldn't do it again since I took you back and he said he was a teenager and was stupid and now he is an adult so he won't do it because I am all he wants. but things that happen that night still aren't cleared up which bugs me but its a sore subject so I can't really ask to many question about

    • @Wlad14: No. He loves me because he's not going to do it again.

      Question asker: The only way to make yourself feel better about it is to have a really good talk with him and ask him why he did it. I used to bring it up every few months because I would think about it and get super upset, and finally we had a long conversation about how he was feeling, why he did it, and how he feels now, about that and about whether or not he would do something like that in the future

  • means he doesn't love you enougth because he risked loseing you he wouldn't be intrested in any other girl.

  • yes they can because we can. I cheat on my boyfriend and I love him. when you do it its not like you don't care about your loved one its more that your looking for a little thrill. the person you cheat with is not someone that you would ever want to stay with or marry its usually someone that your just attracted to. I would never want me boyfriend to find our because I would be devastated if he let me. I know your thinking WELL JUST DONT DO IT THEN! but sometimes when your not in the presence of your loved one and you c someone hott your like mmm I want him! and for that moment you think with sex organs and all logic goes out the window.


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