Why does my (ex) girlfriend keep pictures of me?

I'll try keeping this short.

We were in a long-distance relationship for 9 months. Just two days ago, she decided to tell me she isn't ready for a commitment, and wants to do things without feeling guilty about it. She swear she has feelings for me still, but wants space. She's also told me that it's possible that we can get back together some day, when the time is right.

She's told me all of these things about how "Too much has happened to us..." and whatnot, and she seems pretty confident that this is what she wants.

I don't understand why she keeps pictures of me though, and videos I sent to her e-mail. If she wants a break or wants space or wants to break up, or whatever she wants - she hasn't been particularly clear - then why would she want to keep memories of me?

She knows I'm here. I love her. I'm willing to do anything to save us, and this is her choice to end it, so why does she want to keep the visible memories...?


P.S. She also keeps telling me, "I want you to be my first..." and she gets angry at the thought of me with someone else still..


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  • She likes the thought of having you in her life but doesn't like the "strings" that come attached, such as the guilt of being with guy friends and partying without you.


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  • She keeps pictures of you because she still cares about you. The problem seems to be the distance. Is there any way you can meet her in person?

    • Our parents wouldn't allow it... if her parents found out they'd call the police because it's illegal... the age difference isn't huge, but it's there, and that's the reason why I think she really can't... do this. If I were there? I'm pretty sure we'd be perfect.

    • If I was there and more her age* we'd be perfect.

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