If my ex gets another girlfriend fast, did I even matter?

So I dated this guy for about 10 months. I'm not sugarcoating when I say he was 100% happy as far as he communicated until one day when he dumped me. He had a new girlfriend about 2 months later and after 2 more months she moved in with him.

So did I just get totally taken for a fool by this guy? I'm trying to imagine that I meant something but to dump me suddenly and then take up with someone like that right after? Anyone else have this experience? How did you feel?


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  • Sound like a typical case of rebounding.. Did you try to contact him any doing the break up.. Cause if you didn't contact him it makes him think that you don't care anymore or you moved on. But I think he only going with her to get over you and to replace that love feeling. Or he could have been playing you and just decided to just leave and move on with her but I'm pretty sure its rebounding I give it less than 5 months because he jumped in to soon and he going to start to compare his old feelings with you with her which isn't going to work well.. I hope that helps

    • I sent him an email a few days after he dumped me. I expressed to him how much I cared for him and our relationship (but not in a desperate, begging way) I told him if he wished to talk or talk about reconciling that I was here. I also told him he didn't need to worry that this was one of a ton emails I would bug him with in the future. A few days after, I bumped into him and we talked about my email but he said he content with his decision. I never contacted him again after that.

    • Oh well it pretty much sound FINAL I know this is hard but I think it may be time to move on.

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  • My girlfriend did the same to me except I broke up with her cause I caught her sending texts to a guy at work that she wanted to kiss him. We dated a year and a half. She started dating him a week after I broke up. Up until the day I caught her she was telling me how much she loved me. Now she jumped right into him..WTF! I think your ex might have just moved on. The best of us get played and fooled but I'm a believer in karma and they will get it back someday.

  • Hello,

    To answer your question in order :)

    First, people usually don't think about the others.. also while breaking up. They maybe don't want to suffer or think about it any more.. I don't think he wanted to make you a fool but he just do not think about the consequences for you.

    Second, try to not live in the past even if it's comfortable (projection). My own advice it's to live in the present and enjoy it! I think you want just to understand but for that, you have to ask him and maybe his reason is not the true one or to hurtful, maybe he does not know him self why he left you,..

    Third, I had an experience like you with a girl but we are all so different; she had a boyfriend after me and I hope she is happy and learned something of our relation.

    Finally, people have different kinds of relations and there is always something to learn about it! Hope you have friends and family around you to talk about it: an opened hart to listen you is the best!



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  • One word girl, REBOUND... I know what I am talking about... let him live his life with this chicks, soon he will miss u


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