My ex giving me mixed signals?

Yep I'm back again with another ? My x asked for a break a week ago. I understand why she needed one she lost her mother to cancer and she dealing with home and school issues. But she ended up telling me she had a "friend" I got upset and called it quits. Well last night she called me saying "Who you on the phone with it better not be another female" I told her no. She came out and said that see miss me and she want to be with me forever and how she still look at my pictures on facebook and how she want to marry me and had dream about me. But I ask could we start back our relationship she said NO she still want her space and she want to take things slow and she need to clear her head some more to make sure I am the one for her. So I text her today to check on her and she kept calling me "BABY" but she still saying she need her space and she hasn't contacted me. She still got me all over her facebook but why she don't want to start back the relationship. I'm confused I don't know if she playing games or she really need space.


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  • she's playing with you... she doesn't want you and if she doesn't have you, no one can


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  • I'm the same guy who left this long piece of advice for you on a question yesteraday. She is playing games with you and now you are too much in love to realise. I'm going to tell you like I said. If you fall for her trap and keep on texting back on answering her phone, you will help her get over you and you're going to watch her move on with another guy, get married and start a family with. DONT DONT DONT DONT keep any form of contact with her. give her some space man, she tells you she wants space, let her miss you man, let her think it through. By asking if you're talking to another female, she is just making sure that your goignto say no. That lets her no that you are waiting on the sideline for her while she is developing with this new guy


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