I'm back with my ex, worst mistake of my life. I need help please :(

I'm back with my ex, worst mistake of my life. I thought it would make all the pain go away but it doesn't. It just made it worse. We only go to each others' houses never out and we always have sex and it seems that's the only thing he wants from me. I know what your all gonna say, leave him. but I can't cause I don't wanna be alone.. if I leave him I might regret it badly and if I stay I'm only gonna worry if he's cheating or he's still into his ex etc... I can't do anything cause either way I'm gonna hurt. I cry almost everyday over this guy and I was with him for 11 months before. I just want the pain to all go away, I wanna find a guy who doesn't want only sex. who will take me out on dates and treat me well. so far, that's not anywhere near my ex. and it scares me cause I'm never gonna find anyone who ill love just as much. its been a year sense me and my ex have split up but now were "back together" he just doesn't want people knowing.. that hurts even more.. so he can talk to his ex on fb and not me?

I just want the pain to go away:( I don't know were to start or what to do... I can't talk to my ex it'll only drive him away then he'll leave me..:(


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  • If your age is accurate then this is the best time to figure this out. You have a lot of years ahead of you. But if you really want to make it work then tell him all of this. If he loves you he will listen to what you have to say and want to make changes. But what it really comes down to is your decision. The pain of breaking up will only last so long but the pain of staying will last forever. If he does leave you because you have concerns and feelings than that is good. You need to be strong in this situation and rely on your close friends and family to pull you through this if it comes down to breaking up. But honestly if he is going to leave you because you want to be treated right and you want to express your feelings to him then he doesn't deserve you in the slightest way possible. Be a strong individual and take control of the relationship. Don't let him control you...


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  • honey, you need to start with yourself first and foremost.

    if you can't be happy without a man you have some serious underlying issues you need to address. stop thinking about guys and sex and a relationship because you don't even have yourself together. only when you know who you are, what you want, and you are whole as a person that can give off a positive aura will you be able to find the right kind of guy.

    • I don't even know who I am, I'm in college night school, no job I don't know what I wanna do in life, my love lifes messed up. my lifes like falling apart

    • you really need to focus then. ask yourself questions and don't settle for "i don't know". if you don't know the answer, ask a more specific question. remember, it's OK to change your mind about what you answer too, infact you might want to ask yourself the same question periodically to see if that's what you really want.

  • girl you need to be strong. you said so yourself that this is the worst mistake in your life to get back with your ex... leave him! I know easier said then done, but your not happy, you know your not happy, your cry all the time, being depressed is serious. and not wanting to get out of the relationship because you will be alone is just crazy! there are many people out there! many guys who are nice, respectful, apprciative,caring and loving. sex isn't everything in a relationship, you guys don't go out, he's keeping it secretive. that's not right, he's playing with your emotions. you say you won't find some one who you will love as much, that's not true! this isn't love. he's hiding your relationship, he talks to his ex he uses you for sex and only sex. that's not a relationship that's booty calls. you deserve better. why are you so afraid to be alone? you'll find someone who will treat you right. get out. free yourself


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